ICU Locale “Fulah (Senegal)” (ff_SN)

General Information

Property Value
Base locale ID ff_SN
Language ff
Country SN
Display name Fulah (Senegal)
Display name with dialect Fulah (Senegal)
Character orientation left-to-right
Line orientation top-to-bottom
ISO 639-2/T language code ful
Java Locale (no exact match)
Other data sources compare


Property Value
Currency symbol CFA
Decimal separator ,
Digit #
Exponent separator E
Grouping separator  
International currency symbol XOF
Minus sign -
Monetary decimal separator ,
Pad escape *
Pattern Separator ;
Percent %
Per mill
Plus sign +
Significant digit @
Zero digit 0


Property Value(s)
AM/PM Strings subaka, kikiiɗe
Eras H-I, C-I
Era names Hade Iisa, Caggal Iisa
Months siilo, colte, mbooy, seeɗto, duujal, korse, morso, juko, siilto, yarkomaa, jolal, bowte
Short months sii, col, mbo, see, duu, kor, mor, juk, slt, yar, jol, bow
Short weekdays dew, aaɓ, maw, nje, naa, mwd, hbi
Weekdays dewo, aaɓnde, mawbaare, njeslaare, naasaande, mawnde, hoore-biir
Format Pattern
Date.3 Example: 21/2/2018
Pattern: d/M/yyyy
Local Pattern: d/M/yyyy
Date.2 Example: 21 col, 2018
Pattern: d MMM, y
Local Pattern: d MMM, y
Date.1 Example: 21 colte 2018
Pattern: d MMMM y
Local Pattern: d MMMM y
Date.0 Example: njeslaare 21 colte 2018
Pattern: EEEE d MMMM y
Local Pattern: EEEE d MMMM y

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