ICU Locale “Manx (Isle of Man)” (gv_IM)

General Information

Property Value
Base locale ID gv_IM
Language gv
Country IM
Display name Manx (Isle of Man)
Display name with dialect Manx (Isle of Man)
Character orientation left-to-right
Line orientation top-to-bottom
ISO 639-2/T language code glv
Java Locale gv-IM
Other data sources compare


Property Value
Currency symbol £
Decimal separator .
Digit #
Exponent separator E
Grouping separator ,
International currency symbol GBP
Minus sign -
Monetary decimal separator .
Pad escape *
Pattern Separator ;
Percent %
Per mill
Plus sign +
Significant digit @
Zero digit 0


Property Value(s)
AM/PM Strings a.m., p.m.
Eras RC, AD
Era names RC, AD
Months Jerrey-geuree, Toshiaght-arree, Mayrnt, Averil, Boaldyn, Mean-souree, Jerrey-souree, Luanistyn, Mean-fouyir, Jerrey-fouyir, Mee Houney, Mee ny Nollick
Short months J-guer, T-arree, Mayrnt, Avrril, Boaldyn, M-souree, J-souree, Luanistyn, M-fouyir, J-fouyir, M-Houney, M-Nollick
Short weekdays Jed, Jel, Jem, Jerc, Jerd, Jeh, Jes
Weekdays Jedoonee, Jelhein, Jemayrt, Jercean, Jerdein, Jeheiney, Jesarn
Format Pattern
Date.3 Example: 2024-06-15
Pattern: y-MM-dd
Local Pattern: y-MM-dd
Date.2 Example: 2024 M-souree 15
Pattern: y MMM d
Local Pattern: y MMM d
Date.1 Example: 2024 Mean-souree 15
Pattern: y MMMM d
Local Pattern: y MMMM d
Date.0 Example: 2024 Mean-souree 15, Jesarn
Pattern: y MMMM d, EEEE
Local Pattern: y MMMM d, EEEE

Also see the list of time zones.

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Parent: Manx (gv)