See the API FAQ for common parameters and help.

See How to localize a JavaScript application for an overview of how everything fits together.

High-level API

File name Description
icu.js International Components for JavaScript: all the functions for a single locale.
langmap.json Language map: list available languages. Perfect for making a simple drop-down language picker.
translate.js Text translation functions

Low-level API

You should not need to use these directly, but they are useful for understanding how the main API works.

File name Description
codelist.json Locale code list: loop through all the available locales
currencymap.json Currency data map: currency data
df.js Date format: date formatting functions
datepat.json Date patterns: date format patterns
dfs.json Date format symbols: do your own date formatting or data entry widget
info.json Info: figure out which locale is being used
nfs.json Number format symbols: do your own number formatting

Experimental APIs

Not ready for production use.

File name Description
time.js Time utility functions
gae-country.json Country as determined by Google AppEngine