Alternative APIs

JavaScript does not have any decent localization/internationalization support built-in, and it is a difficult but necessary problem to address, so all sorts of APIs and approaches are floating around.

This is my take on them, and why I decided to try to make my own.

Library Description
date.js Great, but only handles dates. Hasn't been updated since 2008.
jsTimezoneDetect Useful utility to detect the browser's time zone.
GWT i18n Guide - lots of support, but only useful if you are using GWT, and yet it is very different from the standard Java libraries. And each additional locale lengthens compile times.
Closure Library goog.i18n - only a couple of languages, coupled to Closure
dojo dojo.i18n - Comprehensive, but tightly coupled to the rest of dojo. from Microsoft and uses MS terminology (Cultures vs Locales). Cryptic (and limited) format codes for dates and numbers.