These are the tools I used to build LocalePlanet. Also see the locale data sources.

StyleShout badge The website design is the Refresh template from StyleShout.
Language Icon badge The switch language icon is from the Language Icon Project.
I took the LocalePlanet favicon from WikiMedia Commons.
Powered by Jetty LocalePlanet runs on the Jetty WebServer.
UrlRewriteFilter badge I use UrlRewriteFilter to make pretty URLs.
Java logo I wrote all the code for LocalePlanet in Java.
Ant logo I build and deploy using Apache Ant.
W3C Validator badge HTML and CSS validation using the W3C's Validator.
Unicode badge Files are stored and served using the Unicode standard UTF-8 encoding.
Tango Project badge Icons are from the Tango Project.
ReCaptcha logo The CAPTCHA on the contact page is from ReCaptcha.
Powered by Google App Engine Hosting is provided by Google AppEngine. I use GoDaddy for domain names and DNS hosting.