LocalePlanet Translation Tools

I use the GNU GetText tools/libraries to deal with the language translations at LocalePlanet.

These are utilities that I wrote to make everything work together. They are command line tools written in python. You can download them from github.

They all use the polib by David Jean Louis. I included the version of polib.py that I used in the repository.

These are all command line tools. You can get detailed parameter descriptions by running them with --help.

File name Description
gt4po.py Runs untranslated strings through Google Translate. Results are marked as fuzzy so human translators know what needs to be checked.
lpmirror.py Mirrors scripts from LocalePlanet.
po2intl.py Creates a test translation with all the text converted to international: just switches each plain character to an equivalent Unicode character with some sort of accent/mark. When you run with this translation, any un-accented text has not been properly coded for translation.
po2js.py Moves translations from .po files to .js files so they can be included directly in a page. Very similar to po2json, but translations that start with "function(" treated as code instead of strings.
po2json.py Moves translations from .po files to .json files so they can be used directly by JavaScript code.
po2prop.py Moves translations from .po files to Java .properties files so they can be used directly by Java code. There is a po2prop utility in the translate-toolkit package, but it gave me a wierd error on a perfectly valid .po file, and it was easy enough to write my own version.
translate.sh the bash shell script that does everything. Not directly useful for anyone but me, but a good example of how all the pieces fit together.