How do I use the LocalePlanet API to internationalize my JavaScript application?
What APIs are available?
See the complete list.
Can I get the JSON data via JSONP?
Yes. Pass a callback parameter.
Can I get it to use the user's locale without hard-coding or server-side processing?
Yes. Use auto instead of a locale code in the URL and it will take the locale from the user's browser settings.

Here's an example: If you have server-side processing, you can just link to /api/en-US/icu.js and use server-side code to fill in the correct locale instead of en-US.

But you can't do that if it is a static page without server-side code, so make the link be /api/auto/icu.js instead. The LocalePlanet server will look at the browser settings and send the correct version.
I do not trust LocalePlanet and want to host the files myself.
Absolutely. This is strongly encouraged. Check out the lpmirror.py script (in the tools sections) to get started.
I trust LocalePlanet and want to hot-link to files on LocalePlanet.
No problem for reasonable usage. Reasonable is a deliberately vague term, but unless you are doing a gazillion hits a day, you are okay.

If you are using it in a production environment, please let me know who you are in case anything changes.