Future Plans

This is just my to-do list. If you have any needs/ideas/criticisms, let me know!

java/xx/index.html - split time zones to separate page



Links page to pull from pinboard.in

Date order: ICU, Java

Time zones: ICU

Remove most calls to LocaleNormalizer.


Change language: guess country for each language. Advanced option that lets you enter a locale

Add daggars to all locale IDs that have been normalized (expect underline to dash). Encapsulate dagger html.

Java: normalize! iw to he, in to id, note in normalize.html

Java: fill in details


API: minimized versions of js files (on the fly Google Closure compiler?)

API: GWT library that wraps API

API: default country parameter

API: ICU lists in normalized and raw versions

API: should auto redirect instead of forward? Slower on initial hit, but will the 2nd hit stay cached???

API: ability to add an "edit" button/link/etc if there isn't a translation

Data sources: resolve different codes for Tagalog (icu=fil, google=tl)

i18n: more language translations when supported by Google Translate: Bengali (bn), Punjabi (pa), Teluga (te), Marathi (mr), Tamil (ta).

i18n: how do I display languages w/translations but no Java locale: Afrikaans (af), Persian (fa), Welsh (cy), Filipino (tl)? Maybe switch to ULocale?

i18n: use API to display language choices in the UI header

i18n: po2xx to make testing text.

i18n: gtrans is screwing up fancy quotes, MessageFormat stuff.

i18n: use gtrans for full-page translation: support/index.html, support/api.html

i18n: gt4po.py: if text has <> then pass html flag

i18n: gt4po.py: creating duplicate fuzzy labels

Website: Add Vary: accept-language header

Website: Infinite caching headers for non-auto API pages

Support: Collection of related links

Support: note about translations (and ask for volunteers)


Separate python website for online .po utilities

Utility scripts:

More data sources:

Compare: non-ISO languages/countries

Fill in the .NET data (including LCID)

Version info for .NET

Slurp data for day names, month names for Google Translate

Software: list locales supported by various software packages