Complete List

ID Name ICU Java Microsoft .NET Google Translate
Invariant Language (Invariant Country)   Yes Yes Yes
af Afrikaans Yes   Yes Yes
af-NA Afrikaans (Namibia) Yes      
af-ZA Afrikaans (South Africa) Yes   Yes  
agq Aghem Yes      
agq-CM Aghem (Cameroon) Yes      
ak Akan Yes      
ak-GH Akan (Ghana) Yes      
am Amharic Yes     Yes
am-ET Amharic (Ethiopia) Yes   Yes  
ar Arabic Yes Yes Yes Yes
ar-001 Arabic (World) Yes      
ar-AE Arabic (United Arab Emirates) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-BH Arabic (Bahrain) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-DJ Arabic (Djibouti) Yes      
ar-DZ Arabic (Algeria) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-EG Arabic (Egypt) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-EH Arabic (Western Sahara) Yes      
ar-ER Arabic (Eritrea) Yes      
ar-IL Arabic (Israel) Yes      
ar-IQ Arabic (Iraq) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-JO Arabic (Jordan) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-KM Arabic (Comoros) Yes      
ar-KW Arabic (Kuwait) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-LB Arabic (Lebanon) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-LY Arabic (Libya) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-MA Arabic (Morocco) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-MR Arabic (Mauritania) Yes      
ar-OM Arabic (Oman) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-PS Arabic (Palestinian Territories) Yes      
ar-QA Arabic (Qatar) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-SA Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-SD Arabic (Sudan) Yes Yes    
ar-SO Arabic (Somalia) Yes      
ar-SS Arabic (South Sudan) Yes      
ar-SY Arabic (Syria) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-TD Arabic (Chad) Yes      
ar-TN Arabic (Tunisia) Yes Yes Yes  
ar-YE Arabic (Yemen) Yes Yes Yes  
arn-CL Mapudungun (Chile)     Yes  
as Assamese Yes      
as-IN Assamese (India) Yes   Yes  
asa Asu Yes      
asa-TZ Asu (Tanzania) Yes      
ast Asturian Yes      
ast-ES Asturian (Spain) Yes      
az Azerbaijani Yes   Yes Yes
az-Cyrl Azerbaijani (Cyrillic) Yes      
az-Cyrl-AZ Azerbaijani (Cyrillic, Azerbaijan) Yes   Yes  
az-Latn Azerbaijani (Latin) Yes      
az-Latn-AZ Azerbaijani (Latin, Azerbaijan) Yes   Yes  
ba-RU Bashkir (Russia)     Yes  
bas Basaa Yes      
bas-CM Basaa (Cameroon) Yes      
be Belarusian Yes Yes Yes Yes
be-BY Belarusian (Belarus) Yes Yes Yes  
bem Bemba Yes      
bem-ZM Bemba (Zambia) Yes      
bez Bena Yes      
bez-TZ Bena (Tanzania) Yes      
bg Bulgarian Yes Yes Yes Yes
bg-BG Bulgarian (Bulgaria) Yes Yes Yes  
bh BIHARI       Yes
bm Bambara Yes      
bm-ML Bambara (Mali) Yes      
bn Bangla Yes     Yes
bn-BD Bangla (Bangladesh) Yes   Yes  
bn-IN Bangla (India) Yes   Yes  
bo Tibetan Yes     Yes
bo-CN Tibetan (China) Yes   Yes  
bo-IN Tibetan (India) Yes      
br Breton Yes     Yes
br-FR Breton (France) Yes   Yes  
brx Bodo Yes      
brx-IN Bodo (India) Yes      
bs Bosnian Yes      
bs-Cyrl Bosnian (Cyrillic) Yes      
bs-Cyrl-BA Bosnian (Cyrillic, Bosnia & Herzegovina) Yes   Yes  
bs-Latn Bosnian (Latin) Yes      
bs-Latn-BA Bosnian (Latin, Bosnia & Herzegovina) Yes   Yes  
ca Catalan Yes Yes Yes Yes
ca-AD Catalan (Andorra) Yes      
ca-ES Catalan (Spain) Yes Yes Yes  
ca-FR Catalan (France) Yes      
ca-IT Catalan (Italy) Yes      
ccp Chakma Yes      
ccp-BD Chakma (Bangladesh) Yes      
ccp-IN Chakma (India) Yes      
ce Chechen Yes      
ce-RU Chechen (Russia) Yes      
cgg Chiga Yes      
cgg-UG Chiga (Uganda) Yes      
chr Cherokee Yes     Yes
chr-US Cherokee (United States) Yes      
ckb Central Kurdish Yes      
ckb-IQ Central Kurdish (Iraq) Yes      
ckb-IR Central Kurdish (Iran) Yes      
co CORSICAN       Yes
co-FR Corsican (France)     Yes  
cs Czech Yes Yes Yes Yes
cs-CZ Czech (Czechia) Yes Yes Yes  
cy Welsh Yes     Yes
cy-GB Welsh (United Kingdom) Yes   Yes  
da Danish Yes Yes Yes Yes
da-DK Danish (Denmark) Yes Yes Yes  
da-GL Danish (Greenland) Yes      
dav Taita Yes      
dav-KE Taita (Kenya) Yes      
de German Yes Yes Yes Yes
de-AT German (Austria) Yes Yes Yes  
de-BE German (Belgium) Yes      
de-CH German (Switzerland) Yes Yes Yes  
de-DE German (Germany) Yes Yes Yes  
de-GR German (Greece)   Yes    
de-IT German (Italy) Yes      
de-LI German (Liechtenstein) Yes   Yes  
de-LU German (Luxembourg) Yes Yes Yes  
dje Zarma Yes      
dje-NE Zarma (Niger) Yes      
dsb Lower Sorbian Yes      
dsb-DE Lower Sorbian (Germany) Yes   Yes  
dua Duala Yes      
dua-CM Duala (Cameroon) Yes      
dv Divehi     Yes Yes
dv-MV Divehi (Maldives)     Yes  
dyo Jola-Fonyi Yes      
dyo-SN Jola-Fonyi (Senegal) Yes      
dz Dzongkha Yes      
dz-BT Dzongkha (Bhutan) Yes      
ebu Embu Yes      
ebu-KE Embu (Kenya) Yes      
ee Ewe Yes      
ee-GH Ewe (Ghana) Yes      
ee-TG Ewe (Togo) Yes      
el Greek Yes Yes Yes Yes
el-CY Greek (Cyprus) Yes Yes    
el-GR Greek (Greece) Yes Yes Yes  
en English Yes Yes Yes Yes
en-001 English (World) Yes      
en-029 English (Caribbean)     Yes  
en-150 English (Europe) Yes      
en-AG English (Antigua & Barbuda) Yes      
en-AI English (Anguilla) Yes      
en-AS English (American Samoa) Yes      
en-AT English (Austria) Yes      
en-AU English (Australia) Yes Yes Yes  
en-BB English (Barbados) Yes      
en-BE English (Belgium) Yes      
en-BI English (Burundi) Yes      
en-BM English (Bermuda) Yes      
en-BS English (Bahamas) Yes      
en-BW English (Botswana) Yes      
en-BZ English (Belize) Yes   Yes  
en-CA English (Canada) Yes Yes Yes  
en-CC English (Cocos [Keeling] Islands) Yes      
en-CH English (Switzerland) Yes      
en-CK English (Cook Islands) Yes      
en-CM English (Cameroon) Yes      
en-CX English (Christmas Island) Yes      
en-CY English (Cyprus) Yes      
en-DE English (Germany) Yes      
en-DG English (Diego Garcia) Yes      
en-DK English (Denmark) Yes      
en-DM English (Dominica) Yes      
en-ER English (Eritrea) Yes      
en-FI English (Finland) Yes      
en-FJ English (Fiji) Yes      
en-FK English (Falkland Islands) Yes      
en-FM English (Micronesia) Yes      
en-GB English (United Kingdom) Yes Yes Yes  
en-GD English (Grenada) Yes      
en-GG English (Guernsey) Yes      
en-GH English (Ghana) Yes      
en-GI English (Gibraltar) Yes      
en-GM English (Gambia) Yes      
en-GU English (Guam) Yes      
en-GY English (Guyana) Yes      
en-HK English (Hong Kong SAR China) Yes      
en-IE English (Ireland) Yes Yes Yes  
en-IL English (Israel) Yes      
en-IM English (Isle of Man) Yes      
en-IN English (India) Yes Yes Yes  
en-IO English (British Indian Ocean Territory) Yes      
en-JE English (Jersey) Yes      
en-JM English (Jamaica) Yes   Yes  
en-KE English (Kenya) Yes      
en-KI English (Kiribati) Yes      
en-KN English (St. Kitts & Nevis) Yes      
en-KY English (Cayman Islands) Yes      
en-LC English (St. Lucia) Yes      
en-LR English (Liberia) Yes      
en-LS English (Lesotho) Yes      
en-MG English (Madagascar) Yes      
en-MH English (Marshall Islands) Yes      
en-MO English (Macau SAR China) Yes      
en-MP English (Northern Mariana Islands) Yes      
en-MS English (Montserrat) Yes      
en-MT English (Malta) Yes Yes    
en-MU English (Mauritius) Yes      
en-MW English (Malawi) Yes      
en-MY English (Malaysia) Yes   Yes  
en-NA English (Namibia) Yes      
en-NF English (Norfolk Island) Yes      
en-NG English (Nigeria) Yes      
en-NL English (Netherlands) Yes      
en-NR English (Nauru) Yes      
en-NU English (Niue) Yes      
en-NZ English (New Zealand) Yes Yes Yes  
en-PG English (Papua New Guinea) Yes      
en-PH English (Philippines) Yes Yes Yes  
en-PK English (Pakistan) Yes      
en-PN English (Pitcairn Islands) Yes      
en-PR English (Puerto Rico) Yes      
en-PW English (Palau) Yes      
en-RW English (Rwanda) Yes      
en-SB English (Solomon Islands) Yes      
en-SC English (Seychelles) Yes      
en-SD English (Sudan) Yes      
en-SE English (Sweden) Yes      
en-SG English (Singapore) Yes Yes Yes  
en-SH English (St. Helena) Yes      
en-SI English (Slovenia) Yes      
en-SL English (Sierra Leone) Yes      
en-SS English (South Sudan) Yes      
en-SX English (Sint Maarten) Yes      
en-SZ English (Swaziland) Yes      
en-TC English (Turks & Caicos Islands) Yes      
en-TK English (Tokelau) Yes      
en-TO English (Tonga) Yes      
en-TT English (Trinidad & Tobago) Yes   Yes  
en-TV English (Tuvalu) Yes      
en-TZ English (Tanzania) Yes      
en-UG English (Uganda) Yes      
en-UM English (U.S. Outlying Islands) Yes      
en-US English (United States) Yes Yes Yes  
en-US-POSIX English (United States, Computer) Yes      
en-VC English (St. Vincent & Grenadines) Yes      
en-VG English (British Virgin Islands) Yes      
en-VI English (U.S. Virgin Islands) Yes      
en-VU English (Vanuatu) Yes      
en-WS English (Samoa) Yes      
en-ZA English (South Africa) Yes Yes Yes  
en-ZM English (Zambia) Yes      
en-ZW English (Zimbabwe) Yes   Yes  
eo Esperanto Yes     Yes
es Spanish Yes Yes Yes Yes
es-419 Spanish (Latin America) Yes      
es-AR Spanish (Argentina) Yes Yes Yes  
es-BO Spanish (Bolivia) Yes Yes Yes  
es-BR Spanish (Brazil) Yes      
es-BZ Spanish (Belize) Yes      
es-CL Spanish (Chile) Yes Yes Yes  
es-CO Spanish (Colombia) Yes Yes Yes  
es-CR Spanish (Costa Rica) Yes Yes Yes  
es-CU Spanish (Cuba) Yes Yes    
es-DO Spanish (Dominican Republic) Yes Yes Yes  
es-EA Spanish (Ceuta & Melilla) Yes      
es-EC Spanish (Ecuador) Yes Yes Yes  
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Yes Yes Yes  
es-GQ Spanish (Equatorial Guinea) Yes      
es-GT Spanish (Guatemala) Yes Yes Yes  
es-HN Spanish (Honduras) Yes Yes Yes  
es-IC Spanish (Canary Islands) Yes      
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Yes Yes Yes  
es-NI Spanish (Nicaragua) Yes Yes Yes  
es-PA Spanish (Panama) Yes Yes Yes  
es-PE Spanish (Peru) Yes Yes Yes  
es-PH Spanish (Philippines) Yes      
es-PR Spanish (Puerto Rico) Yes Yes Yes  
es-PY Spanish (Paraguay) Yes Yes Yes  
es-SV Spanish (El Salvador) Yes Yes Yes  
es-US Spanish (United States) Yes Yes Yes  
es-UY Spanish (Uruguay) Yes Yes Yes  
es-VE Spanish (Venezuela) Yes Yes Yes  
et Estonian Yes Yes Yes Yes
et-EE Estonian (Estonia) Yes Yes Yes  
eu Basque Yes   Yes Yes
eu-ES Basque (Spain) Yes   Yes  
ewo Ewondo Yes      
ewo-CM Ewondo (Cameroon) Yes      
fa Persian Yes   Yes Yes
fa-AF Persian (Afghanistan) Yes      
fa-IR Persian (Iran) Yes   Yes  
ff Fulah Yes      
ff-CM Fulah (Cameroon) Yes      
ff-GN Fulah (Guinea) Yes      
ff-MR Fulah (Mauritania) Yes      
ff-SN Fulah (Senegal) Yes      
fi Finnish Yes Yes Yes Yes
fi-FI Finnish (Finland) Yes Yes Yes  
fil Filipino Yes      
fil-PH Filipino (Philippines) Yes   Yes  
fo Faroese Yes   Yes Yes
fo-DK Faroese (Denmark) Yes      
fo-FO Faroese (Faroe Islands) Yes   Yes  
fr French Yes Yes Yes Yes
fr-BE French (Belgium) Yes Yes Yes  
fr-BF French (Burkina Faso) Yes      
fr-BI French (Burundi) Yes      
fr-BJ French (Benin) Yes      
fr-BL French (St. Barthélemy) Yes      
fr-CA French (Canada) Yes Yes Yes  
fr-CD French (Congo - Kinshasa) Yes      
fr-CF French (Central African Republic) Yes      
fr-CG French (Congo - Brazzaville) Yes      
fr-CH French (Switzerland) Yes Yes Yes  
fr-CI French (Côte d’Ivoire) Yes      
fr-CM French (Cameroon) Yes      
fr-DJ French (Djibouti) Yes      
fr-DZ French (Algeria) Yes      
fr-FR French (France) Yes Yes Yes  
fr-GA French (Gabon) Yes      
fr-GF French (French Guiana) Yes      
fr-GN French (Guinea) Yes      
fr-GP French (Guadeloupe) Yes      
fr-GQ French (Equatorial Guinea) Yes      
fr-HT French (Haiti) Yes      
fr-KM French (Comoros) Yes      
fr-LU French (Luxembourg) Yes Yes Yes  
fr-MA French (Morocco) Yes      
fr-MC French (Monaco) Yes   Yes  
fr-MF French (St. Martin) Yes      
fr-MG French (Madagascar) Yes      
fr-ML French (Mali) Yes      
fr-MQ French (Martinique) Yes      
fr-MR French (Mauritania) Yes      
fr-MU French (Mauritius) Yes      
fr-NC French (New Caledonia) Yes      
fr-NE French (Niger) Yes      
fr-PF French (French Polynesia) Yes      
fr-PM French (St. Pierre & Miquelon) Yes      
fr-RE French (Réunion) Yes      
fr-RW French (Rwanda) Yes      
fr-SC French (Seychelles) Yes      
fr-SN French (Senegal) Yes      
fr-SY French (Syria) Yes      
fr-TD French (Chad) Yes      
fr-TG French (Togo) Yes      
fr-TN French (Tunisia) Yes      
fr-VU French (Vanuatu) Yes      
fr-WF French (Wallis & Futuna) Yes      
fr-YT French (Mayotte) Yes      
fur Friulian Yes      
fur-IT Friulian (Italy) Yes      
fy Western Frisian Yes     Yes
fy-NL Western Frisian (Netherlands) Yes   Yes  
ga Irish Yes Yes   Yes
ga-IE Irish (Ireland) Yes Yes Yes  
gd Scottish Gaelic Yes     Yes
gd-GB Scottish Gaelic (United Kingdom) Yes      
gl Galician Yes   Yes Yes
gl-ES Galician (Spain) Yes   Yes  
gsw Swiss German Yes      
gsw-CH Swiss German (Switzerland) Yes      
gsw-FR Swiss German (France) Yes   Yes  
gsw-LI Swiss German (Liechtenstein) Yes      
gu Gujarati Yes   Yes Yes
gu-IN Gujarati (India) Yes   Yes  
guz Gusii Yes      
guz-KE Gusii (Kenya) Yes      
gv Manx Yes      
gv-IM Manx (Isle of Man) Yes      
ha Hausa Yes      
ha-GH Hausa (Ghana) Yes      
ha-Latn-NG Hausa (Latin) (Nigeria)     Yes  
ha-NE Hausa (Niger) Yes      
ha-NG Hausa (Nigeria) Yes      
haw Hawaiian Yes      
haw-US Hawaiian (United States) Yes      
he Hebrew Yes Yes Yes  
he-IL Hebrew (Israel) Yes Yes Yes  
hi Hindi Yes Yes Yes Yes
hi-IN Hindi (India) Yes Yes Yes  
hr Croatian Yes Yes Yes Yes
hr-BA Croatian (Bosnia & Herzegovina) Yes   Yes  
hr-HR Croatian (Croatia) Yes Yes Yes  
hsb Upper Sorbian Yes      
hsb-DE Upper Sorbian (Germany) Yes   Yes  
hu Hungarian Yes Yes Yes Yes
hu-HU Hungarian (Hungary) Yes Yes Yes  
hy Armenian Yes   Yes Yes
hy-AM Armenian (Armenia) Yes   Yes  
id Indonesian Yes Yes Yes Yes
id-ID Indonesian (Indonesia) Yes Yes Yes  
ig Igbo Yes      
ig-NG Igbo (Nigeria) Yes   Yes  
ii Sichuan Yi Yes      
ii-CN Sichuan Yi (China) Yes   Yes  
is Icelandic Yes Yes Yes Yes
is-IS Icelandic (Iceland) Yes Yes Yes  
it Italian Yes Yes Yes Yes
it-CH Italian (Switzerland) Yes Yes Yes  
it-IT Italian (Italy) Yes Yes Yes  
it-SM Italian (San Marino) Yes      
it-VA Italian (Vatican City) Yes      
iu INUKTITUT       Yes
iu-Cans-CA Inuktitut (Canada)     Yes  
iu-Latn-CA Inuktitut (Latin) (Canada)     Yes  
iw HEBREW       Yes
ja Japanese Yes Yes Yes Yes
ja-JP Japanese (Japan) Yes Yes Yes  
ja-JP-JP-#u-ca-japanese Japanese (Japan,JP)   Yes    
jgo Ngomba Yes      
jgo-CM Ngomba (Cameroon) Yes      
jmc Machame Yes      
jmc-TZ Machame (Tanzania) Yes      
jw JAVANESE       Yes
ka Georgian Yes   Yes Yes
ka-GE Georgian (Georgia) Yes   Yes  
kab Kabyle Yes      
kab-DZ Kabyle (Algeria) Yes      
kam Kamba Yes      
kam-KE Kamba (Kenya) Yes      
kde Makonde Yes      
kde-TZ Makonde (Tanzania) Yes      
kea Kabuverdianu Yes      
kea-CV Kabuverdianu (Cape Verde) Yes      
khq Koyra Chiini Yes      
khq-ML Koyra Chiini (Mali) Yes      
ki Kikuyu Yes      
ki-KE Kikuyu (Kenya) Yes      
kk Kazakh Yes   Yes Yes
kk-KZ Kazakh (Kazakhstan) Yes   Yes  
kkj Kako Yes      
kkj-CM Kako (Cameroon) Yes      
kl Kalaallisut Yes      
kl-GL Kalaallisut (Greenland) Yes   Yes  
kln Kalenjin Yes      
kln-KE Kalenjin (Kenya) Yes      
km Khmer Yes     Yes
km-KH Khmer (Cambodia) Yes   Yes  
kn Kannada Yes   Yes Yes
kn-IN Kannada (India) Yes   Yes  
ko Korean Yes Yes Yes Yes
ko-KP Korean (North Korea) Yes      
ko-KR Korean (South Korea) Yes Yes Yes  
kok Konkani Yes   Yes  
kok-IN Konkani (India) Yes   Yes  
ks Kashmiri Yes      
ks-IN Kashmiri (India) Yes      
ksb Shambala Yes      
ksb-TZ Shambala (Tanzania) Yes      
ksf Bafia Yes      
ksf-CM Bafia (Cameroon) Yes      
ksh Colognian Yes      
ksh-DE Colognian (Germany) Yes      
ku KURDISH       Yes
kw Cornish Yes      
kw-GB Cornish (United Kingdom) Yes      
ky Kyrgyz Yes   Yes Yes
ky-KG Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan) Yes   Yes  
la LATIN       Yes
lag Langi Yes      
lag-TZ Langi (Tanzania) Yes      
lb Luxembourgish Yes     Yes
lb-LU Luxembourgish (Luxembourg) Yes   Yes  
lg Ganda Yes      
lg-UG Ganda (Uganda) Yes      
lkt Lakota Yes      
lkt-US Lakota (United States) Yes      
ln Lingala Yes      
ln-AO Lingala (Angola) Yes      
ln-CD Lingala (Congo - Kinshasa) Yes      
ln-CF Lingala (Central African Republic) Yes      
ln-CG Lingala (Congo - Brazzaville) Yes      
lo Lao Yes     Yes
lo-LA Lao (Laos) Yes   Yes  
lrc Northern Luri Yes      
lrc-IQ Northern Luri (Iraq) Yes      
lrc-IR Northern Luri (Iran) Yes      
lt Lithuanian Yes Yes Yes Yes
lt-LT Lithuanian (Lithuania) Yes Yes Yes  
lu Luba-Katanga Yes      
lu-CD Luba-Katanga (Congo - Kinshasa) Yes      
luo Luo Yes      
luo-KE Luo (Kenya) Yes      
luy Luyia Yes      
luy-KE Luyia (Kenya) Yes      
lv Latvian Yes Yes Yes Yes
lv-LV Latvian (Latvia) Yes Yes Yes  
mas Masai Yes      
mas-KE Masai (Kenya) Yes      
mas-TZ Masai (Tanzania) Yes      
mer Meru Yes      
mer-KE Meru (Kenya) Yes      
mfe Morisyen Yes      
mfe-MU Morisyen (Mauritius) Yes      
mg Malagasy Yes      
mg-MG Malagasy (Madagascar) Yes      
mgh Makhuwa-Meetto Yes      
mgh-MZ Makhuwa-Meetto (Mozambique) Yes      
mgo Metaʼ Yes      
mgo-CM Metaʼ (Cameroon) Yes      
mi MAORI       Yes
mi-NZ Maori (New Zealand)     Yes  
mk Macedonian Yes Yes Yes Yes
mk-MK Macedonian (Macedonia) Yes Yes Yes  
ml Malayalam Yes     Yes
ml-IN Malayalam (India) Yes   Yes  
mn Mongolian Yes   Yes Yes
mn-MN Mongolian (Mongolia) Yes   Yes  
mn-Mong-CN Mongolian (Traditional Mongolian) (People's Republic of China)     Yes  
moh-CA Mohawk (Canada)     Yes  
mr Marathi Yes   Yes Yes
mr-IN Marathi (India) Yes   Yes  
ms Malay Yes Yes Yes Yes
ms-BN Malay (Brunei) Yes   Yes  
ms-MY Malay (Malaysia) Yes Yes Yes  
ms-SG Malay (Singapore) Yes      
mt Maltese Yes Yes   Yes
mt-MT Maltese (Malta) Yes Yes Yes  
mua Mundang Yes      
mua-CM Mundang (Cameroon) Yes      
my Burmese Yes     Yes
my-MM Burmese (Myanmar [Burma]) Yes      
mzn Mazanderani Yes      
mzn-IR Mazanderani (Iran) Yes      
naq Nama Yes      
naq-NA Nama (Namibia) Yes      
nb Norwegian Bokmål Yes      
nb-NO Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) Yes   Yes  
nb-SJ Norwegian Bokmål (Svalbard & Jan Mayen) Yes      
nd North Ndebele Yes      
nd-ZW North Ndebele (Zimbabwe) Yes      
nds Low German Yes      
nds-DE Low German (Germany) Yes      
nds-NL Low German (Netherlands) Yes      
ne Nepali Yes     Yes
ne-IN Nepali (India) Yes      
ne-NP Nepali (Nepal) Yes   Yes  
nl Dutch Yes Yes Yes Yes
nl-AW Dutch (Aruba) Yes      
nl-BE Dutch (Belgium) Yes Yes Yes  
nl-BQ Dutch (Caribbean Netherlands) Yes      
nl-CW Dutch (Curaçao) Yes      
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) Yes Yes Yes  
nl-SR Dutch (Suriname) Yes      
nl-SX Dutch (Sint Maarten) Yes      
nmg Kwasio Yes      
nmg-CM Kwasio (Cameroon) Yes      
nn Norwegian Nynorsk Yes      
nn-NO Norwegian Nynorsk (Norway) Yes   Yes  
nnh Ngiemboon Yes      
nnh-CM Ngiemboon (Cameroon) Yes      
no Norwegian   Yes Yes Yes
no-NO Norwegian (Norway)   Yes    
no-NO-NY Norwegian (Norway,Nynorsk)   Yes    
nso-ZA Sesotho sa Leboa (South Africa)     Yes  
nus Nuer Yes      
nus-SS Nuer (South Sudan) Yes      
nyn Nyankole Yes      
nyn-UG Nyankole (Uganda) Yes      
oc OCCITAN       Yes
oc-FR Occitan (France)     Yes  
om Oromo Yes      
om-ET Oromo (Ethiopia) Yes      
om-KE Oromo (Kenya) Yes      
or Odia Yes     Yes
or-IN Odia (India) Yes   Yes  
os Ossetic Yes      
os-GE Ossetic (Georgia) Yes      
os-RU Ossetic (Russia) Yes      
pa Punjabi Yes   Yes Yes
pa-Arab Punjabi (Arabic) Yes      
pa-Arab-PK Punjabi (Arabic, Pakistan) Yes      
pa-Guru Punjabi (Gurmukhi) Yes      
pa-Guru-IN Punjabi (Gurmukhi, India) Yes      
pa-IN Punjabi (India)     Yes  
pl Polish Yes Yes Yes Yes
pl-PL Polish (Poland) Yes Yes Yes  
prs-AF Dari (Afghanistan)     Yes  
ps Pashto Yes     Yes
ps-AF Pashto (Afghanistan) Yes   Yes  
pt Portuguese Yes Yes Yes Yes
pt-AO Portuguese (Angola) Yes      
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Yes Yes Yes  
pt-CH Portuguese (Switzerland) Yes      
pt-CV Portuguese (Cape Verde) Yes      
pt-GQ Portuguese (Equatorial Guinea) Yes      
pt-GW Portuguese (Guinea-Bissau) Yes      
pt-LU Portuguese (Luxembourg) Yes      
pt-MO Portuguese (Macau SAR China) Yes      
pt-MZ Portuguese (Mozambique) Yes      
pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal) Yes Yes Yes Yes
pt-ST Portuguese (São Tomé & Príncipe) Yes      
pt-TL Portuguese (Timor-Leste) Yes      
qu Quechua Yes     Yes
qu-BO Quechua (Bolivia) Yes      
qu-EC Quechua (Ecuador) Yes      
qu-PE Quechua (Peru) Yes      
qut-GT K'iche (Guatemala)     Yes  
quz-BO Quechua (Bolivia)     Yes  
quz-EC Quechua (Ecuador)     Yes  
quz-PE Quechua (Peru)     Yes  
rm Romansh Yes      
rm-CH Romansh (Switzerland) Yes   Yes  
rn Rundi Yes      
rn-BI Rundi (Burundi) Yes      
ro Romanian Yes Yes Yes Yes
ro-MD Romanian (Moldova) Yes      
ro-RO Romanian (Romania) Yes Yes Yes  
rof Rombo Yes      
rof-TZ Rombo (Tanzania) Yes      
ru Russian Yes Yes Yes Yes
ru-BY Russian (Belarus) Yes      
ru-KG Russian (Kyrgyzstan) Yes      
ru-KZ Russian (Kazakhstan) Yes      
ru-MD Russian (Moldova) Yes      
ru-RU Russian (Russia) Yes Yes Yes  
ru-UA Russian (Ukraine) Yes      
rw Kinyarwanda Yes      
rw-RW Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) Yes   Yes  
rwk Rwa Yes      
rwk-TZ Rwa (Tanzania) Yes      
sa Sanskrit     Yes Yes
sa-IN Sanskrit (India)     Yes  
sah Sakha Yes      
sah-RU Sakha (Russia) Yes   Yes  
saq Samburu Yes      
saq-KE Samburu (Kenya) Yes      
sbp Sangu Yes      
sbp-TZ Sangu (Tanzania) Yes      
sd SINDHI       Yes
se Northern Sami Yes      
se-FI Northern Sami (Finland) Yes   Yes  
se-NO Northern Sami (Norway) Yes   Yes  
se-SE Northern Sami (Sweden) Yes   Yes  
seh Sena Yes      
seh-MZ Sena (Mozambique) Yes      
ses Koyraboro Senni Yes      
ses-ML Koyraboro Senni (Mali) Yes      
sg Sango Yes      
sg-CF Sango (Central African Republic) Yes      
shi Tachelhit Yes      
shi-Latn Tachelhit (Latin) Yes      
shi-Latn-MA Tachelhit (Latin, Morocco) Yes      
shi-Tfng Tachelhit (Tifinagh) Yes      
shi-Tfng-MA Tachelhit (Tifinagh, Morocco) Yes      
si Sinhala Yes     Yes
si-LK Sinhala (Sri Lanka) Yes   Yes  
sk Slovak Yes Yes Yes Yes
sk-SK Slovak (Slovakia) Yes Yes Yes  
sl Slovenian Yes Yes Yes Yes
sl-SI Slovenian (Slovenia) Yes Yes Yes  
sma-NO Sami (Southern) (Norway)     Yes  
sma-SE Sami (Southern) (Sweden)     Yes  
smj-NO Sami (Lule) (Norway)     Yes  
smj-SE Sami (Lule) (Sweden)     Yes  
smn Inari Sami Yes      
smn-FI Inari Sami (Finland) Yes   Yes  
sms-FI Sami (Skolt) (Finland)     Yes  
sn Shona Yes      
sn-ZW Shona (Zimbabwe) Yes      
so Somali Yes      
so-DJ Somali (Djibouti) Yes      
so-ET Somali (Ethiopia) Yes      
so-KE Somali (Kenya) Yes      
so-SO Somali (Somalia) Yes      
sq Albanian Yes Yes Yes Yes
sq-AL Albanian (Albania) Yes Yes Yes  
sq-MK Albanian (Macedonia) Yes      
sq-XK Albanian (Kosovo) Yes      
sr Serbian Yes Yes Yes Yes
sr--#Latn Serbian (Latin)   Yes    
sr-BA Serbian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)   Yes    
sr-BA-#Latn Serbian (Latin,Bosnia and Herzegovina)   Yes    
sr-CS Serbian (Serbia and Montenegro)   Yes    
sr-Cyrl Serbian (Cyrillic) Yes      
sr-Cyrl-BA Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia & Herzegovina) Yes   Yes  
sr-Cyrl-CS Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)     Yes  
sr-Cyrl-ME Serbian (Cyrillic, Montenegro) Yes      
sr-Cyrl-RS Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia) Yes      
sr-Cyrl-XK Serbian (Cyrillic, Kosovo) Yes      
sr-Latn Serbian (Latin) Yes      
sr-Latn-BA Serbian (Latin, Bosnia & Herzegovina) Yes   Yes  
sr-Latn-CS Serbian (Latin, Serbia)     Yes  
sr-Latn-ME Serbian (Latin, Montenegro) Yes      
sr-Latn-RS Serbian (Latin, Serbia) Yes      
sr-Latn-XK Serbian (Latin, Kosovo) Yes      
sr-ME Serbian (Montenegro)   Yes    
sr-ME-#Latn Serbian (Latin,Montenegro)   Yes    
sr-RS Serbian (Serbia)   Yes    
sr-RS-#Latn Serbian (Latin,Serbia)   Yes    
su SUNDANESE       Yes
sv Swedish Yes Yes Yes Yes
sv-AX Swedish (Åland Islands) Yes      
sv-FI Swedish (Finland) Yes   Yes  
sv-SE Swedish (Sweden) Yes Yes Yes  
sw Swahili Yes   Yes Yes
sw-CD Swahili (Congo - Kinshasa) Yes      
sw-KE Swahili (Kenya) Yes   Yes  
sw-TZ Swahili (Tanzania) Yes      
sw-UG Swahili (Uganda) Yes      
syr Syriac     Yes Yes
syr-SY Syriac (Syria)     Yes  
ta Tamil Yes   Yes Yes
ta-IN Tamil (India) Yes   Yes  
ta-LK Tamil (Sri Lanka) Yes      
ta-MY Tamil (Malaysia) Yes      
ta-SG Tamil (Singapore) Yes      
te Telugu Yes   Yes Yes
te-IN Telugu (India) Yes   Yes  
teo Teso Yes      
teo-KE Teso (Kenya) Yes      
teo-UG Teso (Uganda) Yes      
tg Tajik Yes     Yes
tg-Cyrl-TJ Tajik (Cyrillic) (Tajikistan)     Yes  
tg-TJ Tajik (Tajikistan) Yes      
th Thai Yes Yes Yes Yes
th-TH Thai (Thailand) Yes Yes Yes  
th-TH-TH-#u-nu-thai Thai (Thailand,TH)   Yes    
ti Tigrinya Yes      
ti-ER Tigrinya (Eritrea) Yes      
ti-ET Tigrinya (Ethiopia) Yes      
tk-TM Turkmen (Turkmenistan)     Yes  
tl FILIPINO       Yes
tn-ZA Setswana (South Africa)     Yes  
to Tongan Yes     Yes
to-TO Tongan (Tonga) Yes      
tr Turkish Yes Yes Yes Yes
tr-CY Turkish (Cyprus) Yes      
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Yes Yes Yes  
tt Tatar Yes   Yes Yes
tt-RU Tatar (Russia) Yes   Yes  
twq Tasawaq Yes      
twq-NE Tasawaq (Niger) Yes      
tzm Central Atlas Tamazight Yes      
tzm-Latn-DZ Tamazight (Latin) (Algeria)     Yes  
tzm-MA Central Atlas Tamazight (Morocco) Yes      
ug Uyghur Yes     Yes
ug-CN Uyghur (China) Yes   Yes  
uk Ukrainian Yes Yes Yes Yes
uk-UA Ukrainian (Ukraine) Yes Yes Yes  
ur Urdu Yes   Yes Yes
ur-IN Urdu (India) Yes      
ur-PK Urdu (Pakistan) Yes   Yes  
uz Uzbek Yes   Yes Yes
uz-Arab Uzbek (Arabic) Yes      
uz-Arab-AF Uzbek (Arabic, Afghanistan) Yes      
uz-Cyrl Uzbek (Cyrillic) Yes      
uz-Cyrl-UZ Uzbek (Cyrillic, Uzbekistan) Yes   Yes  
uz-Latn Uzbek (Latin) Yes      
uz-Latn-UZ Uzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan) Yes   Yes  
vai Vai Yes      
vai-Latn Vai (Latin) Yes      
vai-Latn-LR Vai (Latin, Liberia) Yes      
vai-Vaii Vai (Vai) Yes      
vai-Vaii-LR Vai (Vai, Liberia) Yes      
vi Vietnamese Yes Yes Yes Yes
vi-VN Vietnamese (Vietnam) Yes Yes Yes  
vun Vunjo Yes      
vun-TZ Vunjo (Tanzania) Yes      
wae Walser Yes      
wae-CH Walser (Switzerland) Yes      
wo Wolof Yes      
wo-SN Wolof (Senegal) Yes   Yes  
xh-ZA isiXhosa (South Africa)     Yes  
xog Soga Yes      
xog-UG Soga (Uganda) Yes      
yav Yangben Yes      
yav-CM Yangben (Cameroon) Yes      
yi Yiddish Yes     Yes
yi-001 Yiddish (World) Yes      
yo Yoruba Yes     Yes
yo-BJ Yoruba (Benin) Yes      
yo-NG Yoruba (Nigeria) Yes   Yes  
yue Cantonese Yes      
yue-Hans Cantonese (Simplified) Yes      
yue-Hans-CN Cantonese (Simplified, China) Yes      
yue-Hant Cantonese (Traditional) Yes      
yue-Hant-HK Cantonese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR China) Yes      
zgh Standard Moroccan Tamazight Yes      
zgh-MA Standard Moroccan Tamazight (Morocco) Yes      
zh Chinese Yes Yes   Yes
zh-CHS Chinese (Simplified)     Yes  
zh-CHT Chinese (Traditional)     Yes  
zh-CN Chinese (China)   Yes Yes Yes
zh-HK Chinese (Hong Kong)   Yes Yes  
zh-Hans Chinese (Simplified) Yes      
zh-Hans-CN Chinese (Simplified, China) Yes      
zh-Hans-HK Chinese (Simplified, Hong Kong SAR China) Yes      
zh-Hans-MO Chinese (Simplified, Macau SAR China) Yes      
zh-Hans-SG Chinese (Simplified, Singapore) Yes      
zh-Hant Chinese (Traditional) Yes      
zh-Hant-HK Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR China) Yes      
zh-Hant-MO Chinese (Traditional, Macau SAR China) Yes      
zh-Hant-TW Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) Yes      
zh-MO Chinese (Macao S.A.R.)     Yes  
zh-SG Chinese (Singapore)   Yes Yes  
zh-TW Chinese (Taiwan)   Yes Yes Yes
zu Zulu Yes      
zu-ZA Zulu (South Africa) Yes   Yes  
Total: 722 160 274 108

Grand total: 793