LocalePlanet FAQ

Where did you get the data?
See the data sources page!
What tools did you use to build LocalePlanet?
Check out the credits page for a complete list. There are also a couple custom translation utility programs that I made that you can use.
What is locale information is my browser reporting?
Check our browser info page.
Something is wrong/missing. Can you fix it?
I cannot change the original sources. If you let me know, I will pass on the information, and hopefully the original source will fix it and it will eventually trickle down.

If a translation is wrong (quite likely, since it is all machine-translation), don't say anything unless you are volunteering to do the translation!

If something is not displaying correctly, try the ICU's display troubleshooting tips. If that does not work, let me know!
Non-latin characters looks like gibberish. What's wrong?
I do everything in UTF-8. If your environment does not use (or transparently convert) UTF-8, you are not going to be able to use the API.
There are a million JavaScript libraries that do this. Why reinvent the wheel?
I looked at the alternatives and did not find one that did what I wanted.
What are you planning to do next?
Check out the upcoming features page.
How do I contact you?
Fill out the form on the contact page.